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Unfolding Music

This thesis project explores methods of visually representing music. The print deliverables were inspired by the format of CD folios and album cover art.

All 4 on stands_edited.jpg

Four CD Booklets were produced, for four different songs: MOVE by Saint Motel, Clocks by Coldplay, Gilded Lily by Cults, and Lakeshore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah.

All of the booklets feature a variety of ways to represent music: including collage, illustration, cover art, and typography/hand-lettering. The experience of opening and unfolding

the booklets also adds a sense of immersion, similar to music. It allows the viewer to unfold the layers of art as if they are layers of a song, with the most captivating art as the final layer.

stippled collage.png

A Closer Look

The artwork for the CD Booklet about Clocks, by Coldplay, took 30+ hours. While the artwork for the other booklets was illustrated and/or produced digitally, the artwork for this booklet was hand-stippled with pen and is highly detailed.

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